Why Design your floors with colored concrete ?>

Why Design your floors with colored concrete

Boring basement floors comes to mind whenever we think of concrete floorings. But this is not the case anymore. Even concrete flooring can be made being attractive and eye catching as other flooring types. Concrete is durable as well as inexpensive and has become prevalent when it comes to garage floors, depot floors, office floors and many more.

There are a collection of colors and designs which can be applied to the aggregate flooring to make it decorative and well distinguished. The colored concrete can be used to get the exact type of shades you want. Concrete is long lasting and needs veto stand-in but one may touch up the finish to procurement the best out of it. Concrete flooring is best for basements especially those that get damp instead of the rugs and carpets. Here are some of the popular techniques used to gingerbread the concrete flooring:

– Scoring: A curved saw is used to make approximately shallow cuts to design patterns. This process is known as scoring. There are number of geometric designs furthermore shapes that can be made using this technique.

– Staining: Stained concrete is very celebrated when it is about decorative concrete floors. It looks ingenious good once it is all done.

– Stamping: In this method, the freshly poured concrete is stamped with a flexible or rigid pattern to make it look simulacrum a stone, wood or any such structure. Once the concrete dries, it jug be tinted to cede the pattern a extra general look.

Taking care of the concrete defeat plus repairing concrete is very easy as compared to different floor types. The level of maintenance varies as per the usability of the floor. The real should be properly sealed and one must clean the floor frequently to maintain the color and brightness of the floor.

Manufacturing floors using concrete is not a great decision for everyone. Those who need to have a soft and comfy rug underfoot will not like the hard concrete. Then it’s better for them to not have a concrete floor. Unless the concrete flooring has many advantages. The polished concrete is used in industrial as well similar residential buildings. The easy maintenance further design flexibility makes it the integer one choice for outdoors. Looking at the durability of concrete floors, it is a great right for public buildings like malls, school floors, hospitals, educative sectors and more.

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