Showcase Unveiled Innovative Web Sharing from a ?>

Showcase Unveiled Innovative Web Sharing from a

Wellington, New Zealand, January 30, 2014 – In what looks like a universe first for information sharing from a mobile device, Wellington, Newness Zealand based Showcase Software has released an fabulous new feature to its popular tablet content management system. Showcase Netting Share enables users to dividend an all tablet presentation – including videos and slides – directly with a client or prospect. Sending recipients an email directly from their presentation involves a link, which opens a browser on the recipient’s laptop or PC and gives them instant access to all of the fertile content they receive viewed on the tablet, without downloading mammoth files.

“For sales teams using tablets to present from, this is the icing on the cake,” says Adam Blackwell, Marketing Director of Showcase. “Not nevertheless can a sales person know they have all of their essential sales collateral in one easy app-based format on their tablet, they can now also share that material in real time with a prospect or client. Then, when they get back to the office, they can check Showcase analytics to behold when their prospect viewed the presentation.”

Showcase has bot on a quick growth curve since it was unveiled in 2012. Showcase Web Share is a feature many customers have been asking for. “Companies are beginning to understand how critical it is to equip their teams with stunning collateral and very slick branded information in a digital format. Sales is where the action is,” says Blackwell, “and it’s getting more attention from companies than ever before. When a customer is well engaged in the sales process, handing them a brochure or shooting them a slide deck by email is a clumsy conclusion. Showcase Web Share puts the presentation on a screen right in front of them, instantly.”

Keeping the lowdown fresh and current is significant so Showcase Web Share auto expires the presentation after 14 days. “People rely on the information they are seeing to be accurate and raise to date,” says Blackwell. “The auto-expire feature protects businesses from having outdated information in the market, and gives the sales person another justification to follow up.”

Early reaction to Showcase Web Moiety has been hugely positive. Andrew Baird of Empathica ( uses Showcase throughout Australia, NZ and Asia to present his brand advocacy offer. “Showcase and the new Web Share is a very sharp ideate for anyone who wants to use the smartest digital sales tools in business,” says Baird.

Showcase Workshop is a subscription based service starting at $US15 per month. It has customers across retail, automotive, convenience, real estate, agriculture, upbringing polysyndeton fuels businesses in NZ besides the US and is soon to announce a critical European partnership with one the world’s largest telecommunications companies. More information is at

Press Contact:
Adam Blackwell
Showcase Software Limited
Wellington, New Zealand
+ 64 4 385 6572

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