What Does 2014 Hold For Home Design Trends? ?>

What Does 2014 Hold For Home Design Trends?

Contemporary designing is ever-changing and the new year is no different. 2014 has some interesting styles modern homeowners will adore. Though all this is conscientious speculation the ideas are based on remnants from 2013’s trends and where they’re most likely to progress.

Black makes waves

Grey and beige, those sober colors, were hot picks in 2013 as homeowners rediscovered a love for subtle hues. In 2014, however, dramatic black appears to be making waves as a burly percentage of people surveyed expressed a love for this maximum color. You may not be willing to go all-black and we may neither come across many homes sporting completely achromatic rooms but noticeable elements synonymous black floors, furniture or walls will be more prominent, tempered by bursts of color and white.

Clever storage

This has to be a shared problem among all because no concern how abundance interior space we have, it just doesn’t insinuate enough. Taking a leaf public of the tiny house book, 2014 will see homeowners incorporating clever larder ideas to adapt their ever-growing belongings. Built-in cabinets in dead spaces, overhead cabinets, under-stair storage etc are several ideas. Many and better can be devised because there are just so many places to turn into fully functional spaces.

Sheet materials for kitchens

Backsplashes and countertops receive the brunt of kitchen work. Though tiles have been and continue to be widely used, metal, glass and similar laminate materials are seeing a spike in popularity. Maybe it’s the look or the easy maintenance but if you’re considering a remodel, distribute these choices a thought. They go well beside contemporary and traditional interiors.

Traditional style

Traditionally designed interiors are making a comeback as we fall in love bis with the styles of the past. Chairs with cabriole legs further wood trim edging upholstery are to be expected onward with the use of warm colors like deep brown connective floral patterns caricature chintz cushion covers. You can choose to go all out or temper it with contemporary elements.

Smart homes

Technology plays a mere big role in our lives it’s no wonder it’s flowed across to inside design. Elegant homes controlled by smartphones are the latest rage with lighting and alarm systems being a couple about examples. Integrated systems likewise are popular as they’re in line with smart homes.

This trend owes its popularity largely in share to the aging baby boomer population that has need for assistive systems. Environmental controls, automated timers and back locking are a minority ways the elderly jug take advantage of technology.

Wooden cabinetry

We may be seeing large use of metal but wood still rules supreme in many aspects. Wooden cabinetry and even murder blocks for countertops are some popular ways homeowners are making use of this tried and trusted construction material. Don’t indiging surprised to be greeted toward a polished kitchen and plenty of metal accents surrounding a starkly simple butcher block the next time you visit a trend-following friend.

Style is constantly changing and what’s popular in 2014 won’t be a couple concerning years from now. The ones given here are predicted to be popular this year based on the trend of 2013. Find gone more ideas, get tips plus create spectacular interiors by going through popular home design websites.

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